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Introducing hamlet.

Say hello to a happier space.

The smart platform to manage the modern shared workplace.

Get more from your space.

Optimise operations for better member experiences.​

Hamlet is built with industry insight, with each feature optimised to run a space more efficiently.

Hamlet allows you to streamline your core operations through automation and data centralisation, so staff can focus on what matters.

Everything you need for a better experience.

Streamline onboarding, billing, bookings and support.

Hamlet takes care of the core parts of your business in an efficient and elegant way. 

Hamlet is the assistant for your day-to-day that saves you time and stress by effortlessly taking care of the essentials in your space.

Hamlet solves the real problems

Features your space needs

Smooth onboarding

Sign up customers in minutes, and have all the details you need stored in elegant, easy to manage profiles.

Actionable reporting

Get reports on the stuff that matters. Find actionable insights that will save you time and money.

Reliable billing

Automate the billing for customers memberships, offices and services.

Bookable resources

Set up your bookable spaces in no time and allow them to be booked by staff, members or external customers.

Intuitive Design

Simple Ui that takes moments to learn and is a delight to use. Fast, reliable and built on the latest technologies.

Fast support

We provide online chat direct to our support team that can help you instantly.

Built with industry insight

Our partners in coworking

Our Technology & Integrations

Built for the future

With a modern tech stack and built from the ground up in the cloud, Hamlet is ready to scale for any sized business.

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